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About us

Who we Are

Dr. Muhammad Alfagih Hospital was established to be advanced and sophisticated in its construction, equipment to keep pace with the development of health services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world and to attract high medical competencies in various medical specialties, hoping that we will be part of the health progress in our dear kingdom and contribute to achieve Vision 2030.

We strive to provide health services to meet the aspirations of our patients and their families, with concern, respect, sympathy, giving hope, and to valuing the patient's need over others, furthermore, to work as a team that complements each other with high professionalism and achieve our efforts to reach the best services and obtain the best results.
We were keen to implement an advanced and modern electronic information system to achieve a speedy delivery of patient service upon review, limit the use of papers and save all information electronically, making it easier to access by the patient and the doctor.

Community prevention of diseases is one of our main goals and in continuation of the path of Dr. Muhammad Alfagih, the Community Health Research Center for Preventive Studies was established as part of the main activities of the hospital where the center's activity began during the construction of the hospital and participated in the part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia society of international research on the causes of heart diseases, which resulted in researches published in reliable international medical journals such as the British Lancet magazine.

Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Message

Dr. Mohammad Rashid Alfagih

Chairman of Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors’ Message

We ask God Almighty to help us in this project to provide a compassionate and advanced health service that the people of our dear country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the residence in it deserve, to be part of the realization of Vision 2030, whose goals include an ``innovative approach to health of high quality and greater effectiveness.``
Since its establishment, we have been keen in this project to adhere to scientific foundations that keep pace with global development while being linked to our heritage in form and content. Empathy and respect are the values we have inherited in our society and the architectural style of the building is an updated heritage that conserves energy.
We present this hospital as an ambitious contribution from the private sector, to be added to the wide and advanced health services provided by our country.

We hope health and wellness for all, and we also ask your clients to be tributaries of knowledge of what they provide us with in terms of suggestions and notes that we can use to improve their service.

CEO's Word

Eng. Assaf Alassaf

Chief Executive Officer

CEO's Word

The health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed continuously and significantly over the decades with the support of the country, and this is evident in the level that the Kingdom’s hospitals have reached to become a reference in the region.

We, at Dr. Muhammad Alfagih Hospital, are part of that development, and we strive to fulfill our duty to be an active element in the health services in our dear country to achieve the ambitious 2030 vision and its transformation programs.
We try to live up to the expectations of our clients and their families, follow the new developments in diagnosis and treatment, Value the patient’s needs over anything else, and contribute to disease prevention programs and research.

We ask God Almighty for help in what we seek

We, at Dr. Mohammad Alfagih Hospital, strive through our mission to achieve our vision, committed to our constant values.

Our vision

We seek to gain people's confidence by providing health services that live up to their aspirations.

Our Mission

Caring for the patient and his family with concern, respect, sympathy and giving them hope.

Our Values

We commit ourselves to making our values present in our mind, visible in our actions:

  • Valuing the patient's need over everything.
  • We are a team that collaborates to provide a perfect patient service.
  • Respect for patients, their families, colleagues, and others.
  • Empathy with patients and their families and understanding their needs.
  • Professionalism in our behavior and accomplishment of our business.
  • Proficiency in performing the work to obtain the best results.
  • Innovation, we encourage opinion and initiative.
  • Our responsibility towards our employees
  • Respect
  • Justice
  • Career development

The design of the hospital building

The design of the hospital building reflects our interest in the heritage of our country, while using the latest approved construction methods to provide comfortable places, facilitate the movement of patients, control infection and conserve energy.

The location of the hospital was carefully chosen in the city of Riyadh on the eastern part of King Abdullah Road near its intersection with Salman Al Farsi Road at the metro station, to make it easily accessible from any area in the Riyadh city.